Dependable Forklift Rental in Miami, Florida

In many industries, forklifts are very useful in lifting and maneuvering heavy and large items. However, not all companies who employ the use of forklifts resort to buying their own lifters. Their option? – Miami forklift rental. If you need a forklift, you can take advantage of our rental service for as long as you will need the forklift.

Why Forklift Rental in Miami, FL can be a Good Investment?

Some companies, even those that use forklifts on a regular basis, opt to rent than purchase their own.

Here’s why:

1. No Large Upfront Cost With rentals, you can avoid a large upfront purchasing cost of a forklift, which amounts to as much as $25,000 brand new and $10,000 for used. You can also arrange for short or long term rentals, or even just when you need it.

2. No Repair and Maintenance Costs Forklifts do not last forever. Once you purchase your own, expenses do not stop there. You will need to set aside for maintenance and possible repairs as well. Also, as the forklift goes through its wear and tear, repair and maintenance can be quite costly. When you hire Atlantic Forklifts & Parts, you don’t have to trouble yourself with repair and maintenance costs. We always make sure that our trucks are in top working condition. If something goes wrong, we can provide a replacement immediately.

3. Choose Your Forklift Forklifts, generally, do the same thing. However, with the several models and manufacturers out there, there are slight differences which your contractor may not fully be aware of. We offer you several models to choose from, including special attachments like paper roll, carton, push-pull clamps and more. You can choose the forklift model you are familiar with.

4. Safety is Ensured We make sure that each of our forklifts is properly maintained and tuned-up so that everything works perfectly when in use. We highly prioritize your safety and that of others.

In Miami Forklift Rental is what the company offers. Also, trust our company when it comes to forklift rentals in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. We guarantee you with excellent services that will exceed your expectations. Book your rentals now! Call us at 305-885-1490 or 305-495-7575